Nevada Corporation Sole

The Corporation Sole is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under 508 of IRS code. It is an independent spiritual assembly/organization, recognized by almost all governments.

An Introduction: A Corporation Sole Explained under Law
To understand the corporation Sole, one must understand how a "church", as an entity, is protected by the Constitution for the United States and the U.S. Code

In Title 26 of the United States Code (USC) and Income Tax regulation 5 - June 26 1977 edition published by Commerce Clearing House, Section 1.513-2 (ii) vol. 1, page 33, 471-42 and in the Law of Tax Exempt Organizations by Bruce Hopkins, published by Lerner law Book, Co. 1977 (page 107), it states the following:

The term Church includes a religious order to a religious organization if such order or organization is:
(a) an integral part of a church;
(b) is engaged in carrying out the functions of a church, whether as a civil law corporation or otherwise, (note "or otherwise", you do not have to incorporate and thus become a creature of the state. A corporation sole is not a standard type Corporation, as one would know it. It does not relate to an "S" corporation, a "C" corporation, a 501 C 3 corporation or a subchapter "S" type of corporation who are created and controlled by the state. It exist under it's own Articles of Corporation and is only recognized as a legal entity by the state. It is not an entity of the state nor was it created by the state.

For more information read: Nevada Revised Statutes - CHAPTER 84
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