Shelf Corporations For Sale

Aged Nevada Shelf Corporations (ready-made corporations)
Shelf, or shell, companies are companies that were filed in previous years but were never active.  These companies are available for immediate delivery because the corporation has already been formed. Corporations will be delivered in good standing.  

Currently available:

Company Name Number of Shares/Value of shares Incorporated Price
Nostalgia Development Group, LLC Manager Managed June 13, 2007 $978
Mention My Name, Inc. 1,000 share par value $1.00 October 15, 2007 $858
Coming Around the Mountain, Inc. 10,000 shares par value $1.00 October 15, 2007 $858
Nevada Legacy Enterprises Corporation 1,000 shares Par Value $1.00 October 17, 2007 $828
Business Life, Inc. 10,000 shares par value $0.01 October 24, 2007 $858
Perfect Sound, LLC manager managed October 24, 2007 $858
Stupendous, Inc. 75,000 shares par value $1.00 October 24, 2007 $858
Garos, Inc. (Wyoming Corporation) 100 Shares November 8, 2007 $828
Faxon Enterprises, Inc. 10,000,000 Shares Par value $.001 March 10, 2008 $708
Diaglo Enterprises, Inc. 1,000,000 shares, par value $0.001 March 31, 2008 $698
Julip, Inc. 25,000,000 Shares, par value $0.001 March 31, 2008 $698
LCCW Enterprises, Inc. 10,000 Shares, Par Value $1.00 March 31, 2008 $698
Portable Farms Geyser Pumps, LLC manager managed May 13, 2008 $648
S.E.E. Associates, Inc. 75,000 shares $1.00 par value June 30, 2008 $608
Donavon Enterprises, Inc. 10,000 shares $1.00 par value June 30, 2008 $608
Following Shelf Companies are less expensive than expedite filing for new corporation. If you need ready made corporation today this is the best deal possible! Compare with: Incorporation $283, expedite filing $150, Initial list $135 = total $568. You can get the same corporation without waiting. The initial list is filed with our name and doesn't have to be filed till next year.
Lindon Associates, LLC Manager August 14, 2008 $558
Alsom Corporation 10,000 shares Par Value $1.00 August 14, 2008 $558
AB Westminster, LLC manager managed October 14, 2008 $498

To order a shelf corporation, please click here for a fax order form.

12 months Resident Agent service included from date of purchase.

Name of the company, number of shares, value of shares can be easily changed by amendment to the Articles for $264 ($175 state fee and $89 our fee for preparing paperwork). You will be responsible for filing a new Annual List of officers/directors/members if you want your name immediately to appear on the Secretary of State website; otherwise, it is required only once a year.

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